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Arkansas Contractor Licenses Article reviewed by Thomas Jepsen, MSc Thomas Jepsen, MSc Thomas Jepsen is a Danish Economist with a Master's Degree from Copenhagen Business School.

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Construction of new railway lines has been scarce, and most new construction is concentrated on double- and quad-tracking of existing railway lines. Most of the former tramway lines have been closed, reducing the mileage from about 7000 km to only 3000 km.

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contracts with the main contractor to supply or fix any materials or goods or execute work forming part of the main contractor. In contemporary construction market, subcontractors execute significant portions of construction work. Subcontractors minimize resource requirements faced by main contractors

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Abstract. Nowadays, the infrastructure development is one of the important things in developing country strategy. Country development could be increased as long as the industry gr

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A subcontractor agreement is a legal document that outlines the responsibilities of someone engaged by a primary contractor to work on a project. When independent contractors work on projects, they sometimes have their own contributors they bring into the job.

Review of Subcontracting Practice in Construction Industry

III. PROBLEMS OF SUBCONTRACTING However, subcontractor related problems are still quoted as one of the main risk of construction project globally [9, 17-23]. The same applies to Malaysia, problems with subcontractors have been identified as one of the important causes contributing to delays in Malaysian construction industry.

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Indarung Havn Udskibningsanlæg Sumatra, Indonesien Client FL A/S Building Period 1984 - 1985 Budget N.A. mio. DKK Partners N.A. Architect N.A. Contractors FL A/S. ISC has designed an offloading facility for cement clinker in the harbour of Indarung ... m and consists of three main girders on rolled sections.

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PT Semen Padang, part of the Semen Indonesia group of companies, has launched construction of Line No 6 at its plant in Indarung, just outside the city of Padang in West Sumatra, Indonesia. The new 8000tpd line, the main contract for which was awarded to …

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Peralatan yang sudah terpasang di Indarung V : Dioptimalisasi hingga mencapai kapasitas design 8.STRATEGI DAN REPLIKASI 1.5 MW 2. Indarung III dan Indarung IV serta pabrik di PT Semen Gresik dan PT Semen Tonasa . Dilakukan studi kelayakan untuk proyek yang sama di Pabrik yang lain antara lain di Indarung II.

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Description Semen Padang is one of the oldest cement plant in Indonesia, with production capacity of 7,400,000ton/year from Plant Indarung I, II, III, IV and V. Freyssinet has been involved in numerous project within Semen Padang for the last decade and currently involved in the construction of the new plant Indarung VI.

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Certain conditions apply, of course, meaning that the subcontractor has to prove that (i) it was indeed a subcontractor of construction works approved by the ordering party, (ii) it properly performed the works and (iii) the main contractor failed to make the payment despite it being due.


In general, Indarung VI construction activity is divided into three sub activities; mechanical construction, electrical and instrumental construction, and civil construction. Civil Construction 1 (CC-1) was the first construction project that will be held by PT Semen Padang in Project Indarung VI.

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Padang (Indonesian pronunciation: Jawi: ڤادڠ ‬) is the capital of the province of West Sumatra in Indonesia.With an area of 695 square kilometres (268 sq mi) and a population of 1,000,096 in 2014, it is the 16th-most populated city in Indonesia, the most populated city on Sumatra's western coast, and fifth-most populated city on Sumatra.


EPC CONTRACTS IN THE POWER SECTOR INTRODUCTION 3 Engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) contracts are the most common form of contract used to undertake construction works by the private sector on large-scale and complex infrastructure projects1. Under an EPC contract a contractor is obliged to deliver a complete

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Contractor's Claims Under The FIDIC Contracts For Major Works March 17, 2005 -3- Mr. Rimmer was writing about domestic construction in England in the 1930s and not international construction as we know it today (his article was the precursor for the first English standard form …

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Construction, Design & Management 2015 Exhibition, Trade Fairs and Conference Sector Resource Pack_1.0. 2 CDM2015 Regulations - Resource Pack ... Construction, Design & Management (CDM) Regulations do not replace any existing law but are intended to provide a framework to ... iii) Ask contractors for a Construction Phase Plan.

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Semen Indonesia subsidiary to build a new cement plant. Jul 30, 2013 ... Construction of the new plant, called Indarung VI, is set to begin before the ... work on the construction of a 900 000 tpa cement mill in Dumai, Riau. ...

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Most of the main contractors include a back-to-back clause in their subcontract agreements with their subcontractors. These back-to back-clauses ensure that the main contractor will not be liable to pay the subcontractor payments, unless the main contractor receives the …

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arrangements€to€cover€main€contractor€and€subcontractors€so€as€to€help€improve€the€co­ordination and€management€of€subcontracted€works€effectively.€Certain€clients€now€insist€on€partnering€as one€of€the€requirements€for€contractor€selection€in€their€projects€[8,9].

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construction of Indarung II, III, and IV plants. Pada tanggal 10 Februari 1973 (Pendirian Badan Hukum - Perseroan Terbatas) On February 10th, 1973 a Legal Entity was established - Limited Liability Company. Pemerintah mengalihkan kepemilikan sahamnya di Semen Padang ke PT Semen Gresik (Persero),Tbk bersamaan dengan pengembangan pabrik Indarung V.

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Liability for Defects in Construction Contracts - who pays and how much? Introduction 1. Unsurprisingly, defects are one of the major causes of dispute and construction litigation. Dealing with construction failures requires various degrees of familiarity …

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The main campus is located at Limau Manis, about 12 kilometres (7.5 mi) from the centre of Padang. The Faculty of Medicine and Faculty of Dentistry are located in the city centre, near the Central General Hospital M. Djamil.


The Contractor shall, in this respect, and in accordance with any relevant security regulations, give the representative(s) of the Agency access to his premises and shall give all other necessary assistance in order that he (they) may fulfil his (their) task.

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The preliminary costs of a construction project include the erection of scaffolding and the installation of site services. Construction projects are priced using a bill [schedule] of quantities--a ...

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A Jaw Crusher One Of The Main Types Of - Harison Jaw Crusher is a manufacturer of Jaw A Harison Jaw Crusher's product Cone Crusher is one of the main types of primary crushers in a mine or ore A Jaw Crusher is one of the main types of primary crushers in a mine or ore processing plant.

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The main contractor in return sued four of its subcontractors - the suppliers of the heating system and floors - for approximately Sfr500,000, corresponding to the repair costs of the defects. Subsequently, the main contractor settled its dispute with two of the four subcontractors.

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Description. Semen Padang is one of the oldest cement plant in Indonesia, with production capacity of 7,400,000ton/year from Plant Indarung I, II, III, IV and V. Freyssinet has been involved in numerous project within Semen Padang for the last decade and currently involved in the construction of the new plant Indarung VI.

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III ABSTRACT The construction industry is one of the main sectors of the Palestinian economy. The contracting companies carry out important construction projects in cooperation with subcontractors. The majority of works in construction projects (such as shuttering, building, plastering, painting, carpentry, and ironmongery works) are implemented by

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available to main contractors and can supplement the resources of main contractors, enabling higher levels of quality, access to technology, and reduced project timelines, increasing value for money.


In lieu of submitting verification of employment, a Contractor I, II or III applicant may submit a copy of a current NICET Level III or IV certification as a Fire Protection Engineering Technician in the appropriate subfield as prescribed in Section 69A-46.010, Florida Administrative Code.