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Harmony waste compactors are recognized for their quality, durability, and value. Industrial compactors, business compactors, retail compactors, ... The C100 Stationary Compactor The C100 Stationary Outdoor Compactor is the ideal small stationary compact... View Product.

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Compactors can come in many shapes and sizes. Some of the common compactors used in the marketplace today are vertical compactors, apartment building compactors, and roll-off compactors. Roll off compactors are divided into two common categories: stationary or breakaway compactors and self-contained compactors.

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Southern Solid Waste is a locally owned and operated business in Southwest Louisiana that specializes in both residential and commercial disposal of materials and large debris generated at new-builds and construction sites, all at an affordable price.

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The AST-440 Stationary Auger Compactor is a heavy-duty machine specifically designed for compacting large volumes of waste material. As a Stationary Compactor, the machine is best suited for dry waste such as paper, cardboard, wooden pallets, etc.

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Seabright, 2 yard stationary compactor; Ranging From: ... Does your company utilize industrial trash compactors as part of your waste management process? If not, you're likely spending more money than you should on getting rid of waste. Trash compactors can cut your waste down to size and limit the number of times you need to dispose of it.

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General Waste, Stationary Compactors, Cardboard Compactors. Use these products for weekly volumes of more than 40 cubic yards of Non Compacted dry general waste or recycling materials such as Cardboard and… Read more »

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Stationary compactors featuring three, single stage cylinders designed to form one high density square ended bale. The 4500 Series compactors are optimum solutions for high volume facilities needing to transfer municipal solid waste, recyclables, or other commodities into …

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Stationary Compactors. Dura-Bilt Stationary trash compactors containers allow for the container to actually separate from the compactor to allow for ease of removal for disposing of waste. These are great when your situation demands a need for a very high compaction rate.

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Commercial Size 2-4 Yard Compactors: Commercial size compactors are designed for moderate duty service. They are perfect for retail stores, light industrial plants, grocery stores, hospitals and many similar applications. The 4-yard compactor is designed …

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Stationary Compactors. For compaction of general trash, dry waste, recyclables or bulky waste. Typical applications of 100 cubic yard per week, or more (un-compacted) will warrant the addition of a trash compactor.

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A Wastequip Commercial Waste Compactor allows your business to reduce the size and volume of waste material through compressing and crushing. This reduces the number of hauls which lowers collection costs. Wastequip compactors prevent unauthorized access or disposal of material by ensuring waste and recyclables are contained.

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Stationary compactors are designed for dry waste streams. Read More Stationary compactors allow locations to reduce collection pick-ups and compact even the bulkiest of waste. The reliable performance of stationary compactors is ideal for commercial or industrial locations.

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Have some dry waste you need compacted? Then look no further. Craft carries a full line of Stationary Compactors. These units remain on site, only the full compaction …

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K-PAC™ Self-Contained Solid Waste Compactors An Industry Leader In Solid Waste Compaction. ... K-PAC™ Stationary Solid Waste Compactors An Industry Leader In Solid Waste Compaction. KPMINI 1/3 Series. The Stationary Compaction "MINI" …

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If you only need to process dry waste like cardboard and paper, you should purchase or lease stationary compactors. You can also look for customized waste management and compaction solutions by speaking with the dealer and explaining your particular requirements.

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The Paper and Plastic compactor is specialized in recycling and compressing the loose materials like waste paper, cardboard, cartons, waste books, magazines, …


Pre-Crusher Dry Waste Compactor – A machine that pre-crushes large bulky items such as steel drums and pallets prior to being compacted into the container. Compaction Container – A steel reinforced container into which a stationary compactor compacts refuse. Self-Contained Compactor – A unit in which the compactor

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Stationary Compactors for Dry Waste and Recycling Application – Stationary compactors are welded or bolted to a permanent surface and their main use is packing waste material in a compaction trailer or container. When the receiver container is full, it is hauled to the landfill where it is emptied.


TC-300T TANK Stationary Compactors The TC-300T TANK® is the third in the Trash Commander® Series of short, yet powerful stationary compactors. With crossed-cylinder technology, it is the most exciting development in the waste compaction industry. The 3 cubic yard (2,29 cubic meter) capacity compaction chamber is incorporated into a body that

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Welcome to Compactor Rentals. Compactor Rentals was founded in 1975 in Houston, Texas. We conduct operations throughout the United States and the United Kingdom. For over 40 years, Compactor Rentals has offered waste/recycling equipment finance and maintenance programs through our Equipment Rental Program.

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PTR Baler & Compactor is a leading industry manufacturer of waste and recycling equipment. Serving a variety of industries, PTR Balers and Compactors allow customers to meet their waste and recycling goals in a responsible and cost effective manner.

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Our stationary compactor features a UL listed relay control box, electrical motor - TEFC (Tri-Voltage). Multiple options are available, to learn more about our stationary compactors and other products view our specification sheets.

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Stationary Industrial Compactor Systems for Wet or Dry, High Volume, Heavy-Duty Waste Stream Material Handling. Stationary compactors are bolted or welded on site to compact waste stream materials into a portable container or trailer that is hauled to the landfill when filled.

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Stationary compactors are bolted or welded on site to compact waste stream materials into a portable container or trailer that is hauled to the landfill when filled. SP Industries stationary commercial compactors are built tough with better materials to accommodate the toughest application requirements, and provide long service life of 10 to 20 ...

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Download Our Stationary Compactor Brochure Here. The PTR Advantage Models Available. The PTR TP series is a line of stationary compactors designed to meet your dry waste needs. We offer a TP-SP twin cylinder line of short profile units for tight space requirements. Our standard TP series is designed to meet the needs of retail stores.

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Stationary Compactor are compactors that are typically bolted or welded permanently to the ground for the purpose of packing waste material into a compaction trailer or container. These trailers or containers are then disposed of or hauled too landfills to be emptied.

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The stationary compactor body will be bolted to your concrete pad at four or more anchor points, depending on your chosen equipment. The container is then attached to the compactor body on each side with two ratchet binders. Stationary compactors pack dry waste directly into a separate receiver container that can be swapped out on pickup day.

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Carolina-Waste-New-Credit-Application-2017; Stationary Compactors Ideal For: 2 Yard Stationary Compactor with 40 Yard Receiver Box Dimensions: Load Limit: Capacity: 2 yards. 3 Yard Stationary Compactor with 40 Yard Receiver Box ... Stationary Compactors Ideal For: 2 Yard Stationary Compactor with 40 Yard Receiver Box

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RJ-550 Stationary Compactor Stationary and self-contained compactors. By Designed to handle heavy-duty waste streams Ideal for small transfer stations or municipal drop-off centers Heavy-duty design and high-compaction force yield excellent volume reduction with MSW and light C&D waste

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The KP2 Series is affectionately called "The Stubby". Its design is a K-PAC engineering masterpiece. Other manufacturers have tried to match its space saving features with its powerful compaction, but nothing comes close. The K-PAC stationary compactor KP2 "Stubby" allows for compactor installations where room is a premium.