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Conventional trap machines also often break the clays due to excessive vibrations from a lack of rigidity in the structure of the trap machine and mistiming between the release of the clay and the swing of the throwing arm. Conventional trap machines are also typically limited to holding 70 clays in a single stack trap machine.

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G.M.V. 296T Wobble Trap This machine is the same as the G.M.V 274T with an added wobble feature for simulated Olympic trap. The vertical motor can be shut off to allow for perfect American style trap …


Bolt on Accessory for ATLAS Compatible machines no drilling required. Increase your skill to a higher level by firing at random vertical and horizontal targets. Converts your AT50 or AT250 to a wobble trap. A wobble trap will add the element of surprise and make …

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COVER/TRAP-LRG S Trap Cover - Green UV Resistant Polyester 48" COVER/TRAP-REG S Trap Cover - Green UV Resistant Polyester 36" COVERV/14Dx11H Carousel Cover - 6 Stack Battue - Eagle/Ranger: $165.00. $136.00. $78.00

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The Super Hawk Wobble marries a high power wobble base to the finest single stack machine available. Rapid, random wobble movement with wide throwing angles combined with distances up to 100 yards and a 1 second re-cocking time provides an outstanding shooting experience. The wobble base, which takes its power from the same battery as the trap ...

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Apr 28, 2018· I was wondering if any of you out there can recommend a "personal use" grade wobble trap machine? We would prefer one that has a carousel rather than the single stack feature. Thanks in advance to any and all who respond to this post.

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At Western Retro Products we're keeping this legacy alive. While Winchester-Western no longer produces trap machines, Western Retro Products has replacement parts, provides rebuilt or refurbished machines for sale and manufactures a number of accessories to improve the operation of these great machines.

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Commercial-grade single stack rabbit trap. HARE: T/C. Commercial- grade, single stack Teal/ ... Machines that simulate ATA or American Trap. Machines that oscillate side-to-side. ATA Patriot. ATA AT-50. ATA AT-250. ATA AT-400 Wobble Traps.

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Pat Trap Singles/Doubles Wobble Trap - $8,450 USD* Pat Trap Skeet Pair - $8,400 USD* Pat Trap Wobble Skeet Pair - $9,900 USD* *Pat Traps are priced in US Dollars, for Canadian sales the exchange rate will be applied on the day of sale. Prices do not include shipping or taxes. Release cord not

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The benchmark in single stack traps. Due to the stainless steel/aluminum construction, no other automatic trap thrower will outlast the AT-50. An excellent personal use machine that holds 50 targets and launches clays in less than a second in rapid succession to have 4-5 birds in the air at onc..

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EasyBird® Auto-Feed Trap. Save your arm and become a better shot with an affordable automatic trap that offers reliable, portable shooting practice wherever and whenever you want. The EasyBird® Auto-Feed trap offers a detachable 50-clay magazine, 1-second cycle time and 50-foot release cord with foot pedal for everyday use.

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The Super Hawk Wobble marries a high power wobble base to the finest single stack machine available. Rapid, random wobble movement with wide throwing angles combined with distances up to 100 yards and a 1 second re-cocking time provides an outstanding shooting experience.

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Can be paired with EasyBird Wobbler (45324) and EasyBird Oscillating Base (40913). EasyBird® Auto-Feed Trap. Detachable 50 clay, single stack magazine. Arm safety ring provides visual indication of th...

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• Oscillation and Wobble Equipted • Fixed Position • Oscillation • Wobble • Or any combination of the above • Engineered In Sweden • Assembled in the USA • Used for Trap, Skeet and Sporting Clays • 2 Year Warranty • Adjustable Throwing Heights (0º - 60º)

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This is the highest specification Double Wobble machine on the market, giving range owners or competitions endless possibilities. It can throw single, as well as double targets which can be changed in a matter of seconds. Promatic Signature Series Double ATA (651 KB)

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Laporte America. The Laporte name has stood for quality and first-class services since 1927. Our worldwide after-sales service and technical support reputation is THE standard in clay shooting. As a world leader in the development of clay trap machines, Laporte prides itself in looking at ways to improve our products while keeping the consumer informed and abreast of new developments.

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Oct 21, 2017· I have the Promatic trap machines following for sale: (1) Rabbit, table type (3) Super 8 trap machines (1) Colt single stack trap; mounted on custom platform, 360 degree motorized rotaion while nodding up & down • Wobble Skeet or something else???

Jun 10, 2010· Matter of fact, they throw at least 90 percent wobble skeet, compared to regular skeet or trap birds. Very, very popular with the locals. (They use old single stack Winchesters) I could see where our carousel machines could be made to wobble, where they now are set for height, but it wouldn't support the movement very long. No bearings, etc.

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Western Retro Products manufacturers several products to upgrade your Winchester-Western trap and skeet equipment. A few of our popular products include: TrapLoader SS50 - a 50- single stack autoloader for your Western trap (X, XS, XE Models). TrapLoader DS100 - converts your Western trap (X, XS, XE Models) to throw automatic doubles.

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The single button key fob transmitter can fire the trap 75+ yards away allowing you freedom to get away from the machine to throw across water or incoming shots. Complete and ready to use. Just plug it into your trap, clip to trap's 12-volt battery and you're ready to go.

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group of friends. It has a 50 clay single stack capacity that throws targets up to 65m and comes with a 50m command cable so you are ready to fire. The Hobby is a great value trap, yet utilises all the quality components used on all Promatic machines. As it is a modular machine, you can add a DTL/ATA or ABT/Wobble base either at the point of ...

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Can be paired with EasyBird Wobbler (45324) and EasyBird Oscillating Base (40913). EasyBird® Auto-Feed Trap. Detachable 50 clay, single stack magazine.

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MEC's Clay Target Machines offer extreme tilt capabilities for unrivaled target presentations. Our extensive product offering includes all of the models that your club or personal shooting range will need. Look to our "E-Series" for a full line of 100, 200, 300 and 400 machines, including skeet set and wobble variations.

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Jul 02, 2010· The single stack is cheaper.I have a 250 I've had for about 3 or 4 years. It has thrown thousands of targets without a hitch. ... atlas a250 wobble for sale, portable trap machines for sale canada, portable trap shooters for sale, portable trap shooting machines home use, setting western trap machine for ata doubles,

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Mar 25, 2014· The SkeetLoader SL500 replaces the single stack on a Winchester-Western Self Loading Skeet Machine (V Model). The V model only holds 75 birds which means the operator has to load the machine after ...

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Power light to indicate proper battery connections. (Impossible to run machine in reverse.)v Target separating knife (allows feeding of wet or frozen targets) No micro-switch. Uses maintenance free non-mechanical reed switch. Wash-down style motor with stainless steel hardware to …

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GMV Wobble Trap Model 296 400 target capacity starting at $3,400 Remington 4100 trap 156 target capacity starting at $2,800 Release cords included with each skeet set and traps Our inventory of refurbished machines is continually changing.

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LCI Shooting Sports Model 80 - ATA Trap Machine with ATA - style Trajectory Changer . Better shooting accuracy starts here! This Model 80-ATA from LCI Shooting Sports is a single-stack automatic Trap Machine that's loaded with top features.

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The Covey Chucker is ideal for following pairs, report pairs and covey rises. It is the safest manual machine on the market today. The Covey Chucker cycles smoothly and quietly, regardless of how quickly the birds are thrown. See Larger Picture. Sporting Clays Trap. The Chucker Sporting Clays Trap is a heavy duty, three-quarter cock machine.